Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bitchy and sick of it!

Well its that time in the fertility process where I get super super super irritable. I can hardly stand myself, it makes me feel very sorry for Andy and Timmy. My stomach is bloated, everything hurts, I feel dizzy, and everybody and everything annoys me. I hate this part. It last for at least a week but last time it lasted almost two. My OPK turned positive this morning so tomorrow we are going in for our second IUI. I feel very positive about this cycle. I have two, almost three, mature follicles and we have all been healthy so I think maybe the stars will align this time. I sure hope so! I'm so freaking sick of this whole processes.

Andy's job seems to be secure right now but they arent handing out raises this year which I find extremely frustrating! It scares me that maybe our benefits will change in June as well. If this cycle doesn't work I think we are going to go ahead with IVF, I'm afraid after June our insurance may no longer offer such awesome fertility benefits. If that happens I don't want to have any regrets. I wanted to loose about thirty pounds before doing IVF but that doesn't give me much time so I'm not going to put it off just because of that.

This is such an emotional process, I don't know how many more cycles I can take. If the IVF doesnt work I'm going to take a year or two off. I want another baby so much but I can't neglect everything else in my life to reach that goal. Anyway, just some thoughts. Have a good Sunday!

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Julie said...

Wow! Good for you Dainey! I wondered where you guys were on this. Hang in there! That is great you have infertility benefits!! My heart and prayers are with you! Feel free to vent anytime to me anytime!