Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm so proud!

Although this may not be news to you, it is to me, so I'll share it anyway. This morning at 445 Bubby woke himself up, walked into the bathroom, turned on the light, went to the bathroom, and (and this is the exciting part) went back to bed!!!!!!! He has been potty trained for a while now and hasn't had to wear a pull up to bed in about four months but he still has a hard time waking himself up to go to the bathroom. He usually tosses and turns in bed and cries and Mommy has to wake him up and force him to go to the bathroom. He rarely wets the bed, and can hold it like nobodies business, but this morning was a true accomplishment!!! I'm so darn proud, what a big boy!

And finally, I stole a quote from a great little blog I just started reading and wanted to share it with you:

“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn't learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn't learn a little, at least we didn't get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn't die; so, let us all be thankful.” ~ Buddha

Great, huh?!?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The holidays are over...yeee haaaawwww!

The holidays are over and I am very happy. And since I refuse to celebrate New Years, mostly because my husband has never been able to spend it with me, I declare it time to get on with life. No more worrying about what to get the family and clients I'm so blessed to have, no more cookie cooking, no more Christmas music. Its time to get down to business, working and doing the usual. I enjoyed my nine days off from work but I miss my clients, loud and crazy as they are, and am looking forward to the bang bang of little feet around my house again. My job is extremely stressful but when I don't have children to feed and toys to trip over around my house I feel sort of worthless. What do people that don't have some sort of job do all day? Haha, they probably keep their houses much cleaner than mine and never have three weeks worth of laundry waiting for them at any given time.

Over Christmas I was able to spend a few days with Seezter and Brother and it was wonderful. They left last night and it hit me just how much I miss them. They live 20 hours away from me and I hate it!!! When they said goodbye last night I felt like somebody had hit me in the stomach, I HATE having my family so far away. Ten days a year is just not enough time to spend with a sister you love so much. I see Brother even less because he is a Marine and often out of the country.

My parents are moving next month and this was the last holiday we would all spend in their beautiful house on the hill, overlooking the town I grew up in. They are moving back down amongst the rest of the townsfolk and I'm going to miss my secret viewpoint of the city. Although I did not grow up in that house I think of it as home. My grandparents old furniture is arranged so beautifully there and now there is no room for it. It is almost like saying goodbye to them all over again and I can hardly bare it.

Yes, the holidays are over. A new year is about to begin. I'm looking forward to what this next year has to hold. I have high hopes of many of our dreams coming true this year. I hope to be moving soon as well, out of this ancient house and into one that feels safer and has room for my dog to run outside without a zip line. I want a home with a sliding glass door out to a yard that my son and clients can easily reach, where I feel safe allowing the kids to play without my constant attention. A big six foot fully fenced in back yard with trees would be ideal. I also hope to be blessed with another child this year and I believe with enough patience and the right doctors this WILL happen for us.

Happy holidays to everyone. I love you all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I started this blog with the intention of it being a lighthearted journey through my life as a child care provider. Unfortunately, the lightheartedness isn't within me lately. I take my job very seriously, I strive to always be honest and professional with my clients, to keep a clean house, to cook healthy food, and to maintain my presence of mind no matter how insane my day can become. Some days I find this really hard. Some days my personal life overshadows my work. For the one or two people out there that reads this there is something you should probably know about me. I want another baby. I want another baby so bad that it physically aches inside of me. We've been trying for over three years with no luck at all. Last month we tried again, and this time I allowed myself to get my hopes up. I thought that if I put all of my positive energy out into the environment that it would help. I made myself believe that it could happen, I allowed myself to believe that miracles really did happen. And yet, it did not happen. It is heartbreaking. Over and over and over again I find myself deflated, and yet I cannot stop trying. Getting through a day after yet another failed attempt is almost impossible. Yet I must. I have children to feed, diapers to change, a house to clean, and clients to please.

I am sad but it is not all lost on me. After all, I do have one miracle baby. With every failed attempt at another I am brought closer to how truly unimaginable it is that I was ever able to have my son. I really do believe he was a gift given to the Fuzzy Guy and I. Without him we would not be a family, I would not have the most amazing husband on earth and the most beautiful little boy to ever live. I don't know how it is that he was created, maybe perfect timing mixed with love and yearning. I always knew I wanted him, from the time I was a little girl I knew I was put on earth to be a mother. I can't say I'm the best one, in fact some days I feel like the worst mom on earth, on the days when I yell a little to much or don't give my little man my complete attention when he is doing something amazing. But I was meant to be his mom and I love him with everything inside of me. I love him so much it is actually physically painful.

I don't really know my point in writing this post but I needed and outlet. I don't tell a lot of people what I go through each month trying to conceive, I don't think many people really understand the yearning that a woman who cannot conceive posses. Although I do know a few people who have had it even harder than me trying to conceive and I'm sure they too can share my feelings.

Love your children, cherish them, they really are...........


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Common Sense with Money: Share your Favorite Holiday Memory and Win a FLIP Camera

Common Sense with Money: Share your Favorite Holiday Memory and Win a FLIP Camera

Go to this website and enter to win this awesome prize, it would make a GREAT gift for yourself or someone you love. And yes, I said a gift for yourself because if you are a mommy you deserve a special gift every day of the week!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thats right, I'm walking around with a cookie in my robe...

Its cold in my house, really really cold! So, although I'm dressed I have my scrumptious fuzzy red robe from Victoria's Secret on over my clothes. Yes, I even wear it when my clients show up. I figure if they want to show up at my house at six-thirty in the morning then they get to see the loverlyness that is my morning self.

The loverlyness that is my morning self also loves cookies! When I was pregnant I had absolutely NO cravings. Once Bubby was born I craved cookies! Cookies, cookies, cookies! The 11 p.m., 1 a.m., and 4 a.m., feeds were all fueled by cookies. Hence the fact that I only gained eighteen pounds during pregnancy and twenty after, uhg!

I still love cookies but I've since found other outlets, like candy bars, tee hee. But in all seriousness I really do try to keep the sweets to a minimum in our house. Fuzzy Guy and I are both pretty overweight, we both come from families where food was our way of celebrating everything. The FG ad I can make picking boogers a celebratory occasion for an excuse to go out to eat. When we weren't broke off of our asses we used to go out to eat at least three to four times a weekend and almost one meal a day during the week. Now, we are broke and I've recently become a freakin Betty Crocker but that is a blog in and of itself. Anyway, I don't want our son to have the same relationship with food as we have. Vegetables make me cringe and the FG runs away screaming at the mere sight of fruit.

Anyway, to make a long story short (now about five days from when I started this post) I made some peanut butter cookies and I am eating them for breakfast. I have to do this in secret so my son doesn't think he can have cookies too. And that my friend is how a couple hours and a few thousand distractions later I find myself reaching into the pocket of my robe to find a peanut butter cookie and a whole latta crumbs!!! Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will the noise ever stop?

Alright nap time, where the heck are you? I've been waiting for you since nap time ended yesterday and you are a true tease. These children, they NEVER stop making noise. If they aren't making noise with their mouths they are banging on things or jumping around making the entire house quake. I swear my parents feed their children crack before they send them here. They say, "hey child of mine, make sure you make your sitter as nuts as possible. Scream, yell, jump, throw fits! Get it out of your system so when you come home you can pass out thirty minutes after dinner and I can take all of the credit for your upbringing when I only spend a couple of hours a night with you." Really, do you they deserve the credit? Now I have a lot of part timers here and they really aren't the issue but my full time kids! Good Lord are they wild! I spend upwards of sixty hours a week with these kids, where the heck is my credit? To listen to their parents talk you would think they were stay at home parents, they think they know everything about their child. Really? Really I ask? Just think about that next time you drop your kid off at the sitter. Maybe she knows a little something, maybe you should head her advice. My parents sure don't, they think I'm an idiot. I've been doing this for years! For example, one of my lovely parents tells me I am not allowed to feed their eighteen month old raisins. They are a choking hazard I guess. My thought "yes everything is a choking hazard when a child is left to their own devices." I sit right with these kids when they are eating, if they choke it will not go unnoticed. I'm trained in the incidences of first aid and choking, I can handle it. But what really gets me is, the next day this same child comes to day care holding a giant chunk of apple. APPLE! Now how is that not a choking hazard? I'm just saying, think about it. Think about it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Alright, well, ahhemmmm, what do I say? I am a loyal blog reader and decided maybe I should start my own, after all, I do have some wisdom. So a bit about me...

I am 26, I have a son who is almost four he shall be referred to as Bubby. I run a child care from my home in order to spend as much time as possible with Bubby, who has made it his mission in life to make me question this decision. Just how much time does one really want to spend with a four year old boy? How much time can one spend with a four year old boy without COMPLETELY loosing their mind? So anyway, I'm on the road to loosing my sanity, I figure I've got a year or so left before I can't even remember my name. Which I have problems remembering from time to time anyway.

The child care? Uhg, the child care. Well, the kids are fine but the parents, my parents (meaning clients not my life givers), they are an interesting bunch to say the least. You'll get to know them soon enough, they will be one of the main focuses of this blog. Lets just leave it at this; most of my clients have only one child and if you've ever been one, near one or are one, you know that first time parents are NUTTTTTTS!!!! The requests I get from these people are sometimes insane and often comical. The kids are all relatively normal but normal is used loosely around here.

I am married to the Fuzzy Man, he is 6' 3" and very very fuzzy. I have a dog that I begged Fuzzy Man for for four years. Yes, I just said for for four! He is a lab mix and just the cutest thing in the world. I am a HUGE supporter of Gay rights, I am not gay nor have I ever been but it seems to really piss the parents off and I enjoy that. I don't support gay rights just to piss them off of course but it is a perk. Although I love my parents like mad we do disagree on this issue very strongly. Finally, I have a sister who married at seventeen to her high school sweet heart who is a Marine. She will be referred to as Seezter and he shall be Brother since he is the closest think I have. Although both Seezter and Brother are major pains I love and miss them daily.

Well that is all for today. This blog alone has taken over four hours between interruptions and making lunch. TTFN...The Sitter.