Sunday, December 28, 2008

The holidays are over...yeee haaaawwww!

The holidays are over and I am very happy. And since I refuse to celebrate New Years, mostly because my husband has never been able to spend it with me, I declare it time to get on with life. No more worrying about what to get the family and clients I'm so blessed to have, no more cookie cooking, no more Christmas music. Its time to get down to business, working and doing the usual. I enjoyed my nine days off from work but I miss my clients, loud and crazy as they are, and am looking forward to the bang bang of little feet around my house again. My job is extremely stressful but when I don't have children to feed and toys to trip over around my house I feel sort of worthless. What do people that don't have some sort of job do all day? Haha, they probably keep their houses much cleaner than mine and never have three weeks worth of laundry waiting for them at any given time.

Over Christmas I was able to spend a few days with Seezter and Brother and it was wonderful. They left last night and it hit me just how much I miss them. They live 20 hours away from me and I hate it!!! When they said goodbye last night I felt like somebody had hit me in the stomach, I HATE having my family so far away. Ten days a year is just not enough time to spend with a sister you love so much. I see Brother even less because he is a Marine and often out of the country.

My parents are moving next month and this was the last holiday we would all spend in their beautiful house on the hill, overlooking the town I grew up in. They are moving back down amongst the rest of the townsfolk and I'm going to miss my secret viewpoint of the city. Although I did not grow up in that house I think of it as home. My grandparents old furniture is arranged so beautifully there and now there is no room for it. It is almost like saying goodbye to them all over again and I can hardly bare it.

Yes, the holidays are over. A new year is about to begin. I'm looking forward to what this next year has to hold. I have high hopes of many of our dreams coming true this year. I hope to be moving soon as well, out of this ancient house and into one that feels safer and has room for my dog to run outside without a zip line. I want a home with a sliding glass door out to a yard that my son and clients can easily reach, where I feel safe allowing the kids to play without my constant attention. A big six foot fully fenced in back yard with trees would be ideal. I also hope to be blessed with another child this year and I believe with enough patience and the right doctors this WILL happen for us.

Happy holidays to everyone. I love you all.

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