Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will the noise ever stop?

Alright nap time, where the heck are you? I've been waiting for you since nap time ended yesterday and you are a true tease. These children, they NEVER stop making noise. If they aren't making noise with their mouths they are banging on things or jumping around making the entire house quake. I swear my parents feed their children crack before they send them here. They say, "hey child of mine, make sure you make your sitter as nuts as possible. Scream, yell, jump, throw fits! Get it out of your system so when you come home you can pass out thirty minutes after dinner and I can take all of the credit for your upbringing when I only spend a couple of hours a night with you." Really, do you they deserve the credit? Now I have a lot of part timers here and they really aren't the issue but my full time kids! Good Lord are they wild! I spend upwards of sixty hours a week with these kids, where the heck is my credit? To listen to their parents talk you would think they were stay at home parents, they think they know everything about their child. Really? Really I ask? Just think about that next time you drop your kid off at the sitter. Maybe she knows a little something, maybe you should head her advice. My parents sure don't, they think I'm an idiot. I've been doing this for years! For example, one of my lovely parents tells me I am not allowed to feed their eighteen month old raisins. They are a choking hazard I guess. My thought "yes everything is a choking hazard when a child is left to their own devices." I sit right with these kids when they are eating, if they choke it will not go unnoticed. I'm trained in the incidences of first aid and choking, I can handle it. But what really gets me is, the next day this same child comes to day care holding a giant chunk of apple. APPLE! Now how is that not a choking hazard? I'm just saying, think about it. Think about it!

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