Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Alright, well, ahhemmmm, what do I say? I am a loyal blog reader and decided maybe I should start my own, after all, I do have some wisdom. So a bit about me...

I am 26, I have a son who is almost four he shall be referred to as Bubby. I run a child care from my home in order to spend as much time as possible with Bubby, who has made it his mission in life to make me question this decision. Just how much time does one really want to spend with a four year old boy? How much time can one spend with a four year old boy without COMPLETELY loosing their mind? So anyway, I'm on the road to loosing my sanity, I figure I've got a year or so left before I can't even remember my name. Which I have problems remembering from time to time anyway.

The child care? Uhg, the child care. Well, the kids are fine but the parents, my parents (meaning clients not my life givers), they are an interesting bunch to say the least. You'll get to know them soon enough, they will be one of the main focuses of this blog. Lets just leave it at this; most of my clients have only one child and if you've ever been one, near one or are one, you know that first time parents are NUTTTTTTS!!!! The requests I get from these people are sometimes insane and often comical. The kids are all relatively normal but normal is used loosely around here.

I am married to the Fuzzy Man, he is 6' 3" and very very fuzzy. I have a dog that I begged Fuzzy Man for for four years. Yes, I just said for for four! He is a lab mix and just the cutest thing in the world. I am a HUGE supporter of Gay rights, I am not gay nor have I ever been but it seems to really piss the parents off and I enjoy that. I don't support gay rights just to piss them off of course but it is a perk. Although I love my parents like mad we do disagree on this issue very strongly. Finally, I have a sister who married at seventeen to her high school sweet heart who is a Marine. She will be referred to as Seezter and he shall be Brother since he is the closest think I have. Although both Seezter and Brother are major pains I love and miss them daily.

Well that is all for today. This blog alone has taken over four hours between interruptions and making lunch. TTFN...The Sitter.

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